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      The stats tell it all: The number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease. That’s right, more than any other disease – even cancer (a close second) – heart disease is the most likely to kill you. The United States is currently facing a “diabesity” epidemic, or a substantial increase in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome leading to diabetes and obesity, all serious risk factors for heart disease.

      According to the American Heart Association, every 34 seconds someone in the US dies of a heart attack. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, another person will have lost their life. Sadly, many people do not even know they have heart disease until they experience a heart attack. These facts alone make Heart Health a critical topic to understand.

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      The gut-skin connection is very significant. Inflammatory processes present in the gut may manifest on the skin. Toxins are expelled with sweat, and can cause the skin to react. Like the inside of the digestive tract, the skin is covered in microbes which can be neutral, protective or pathogenic. Skin reaction may reflect what is going on inside the body. Therefore treating skin conditions only from the outside will often be ineffective and lead to other chronic issues.

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      The gut-brain connection occurs in two directions—from the brain to the gut, and from the gut to the brain. When a person has a “gut feeling,” or an emotional upset causes a stomachache or loss of appetite, they experience examples of the first, most familiar direction. When the gut is out of balance, inflammation results leading to a condition commonly known as leaky gut. A leaky gut will allow undigested food particles and toxins to enter into the bloodstream. Some may cross into the brain, setting the stage for diseases like Alzheimers and dementia. Recognizing the underlying contributing factors that created the gut imbalance in the first place is the first step to achieving optimal brain function .

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      Healthy pH levels, whether in the colon or systemic, are found when you eat a high-fiber diet, high in vegetables and fruits, healthy proteins, and healthy fats. Complement this with foods and supplements high in beneficial bacteria, omega-3 fatty acids, and digestive enzymes, and you will be supporting optimal health (which begins in the digestive system).

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      Our dog’s health is precious! They provide us with unconditional love and companionship. A daily probiotic formula is a great way to ensure good health. Make sure you choose one that delivers the recommended potency level and strain count. There is nothing quite like a healthy and happy dog. Happy Dog. Happy Life!

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The Truth About Doughnuts

Filed in General | Posted by Brenda Watson on 08/25/2009

[youtube 7f1ldDRxu8A]

In this video blog I discuss how the Director of the Bay Country Health Department was recently asked to resign. Why? Well, it seems that his opinion that doughnuts was not acceptable to his boss at the Florida Health Department. What did he say? What other foods does he warn against? Tune in and find out…

Full Script:
After reading a recent article in USA today, I have to say I am a little outraged at the treatment of a young doctor in Pensacola Florida recently. Dr. Jason Newman, a former army doctor who served in Iraq, was recently forced to resign his position as Director of the Bay County Health Department. The reason? He came down to hard on doughnuts, yes you heard me right, on doughnuts. His job at the health department was to educate the public about health issues.

Being a health advocate in a county where 39% of the population is overweight or obese, he began posting health warnings on an electronic sign outside his office, such as “Hamburger equals Spare Tire” and “French Fries equals Thunder Thighs”. Well, he apparently went to far when he parodied Dunkin Donuts slogan by posting up the warning “America Dies on Dunkin”, and barring doughnuts from department meetings and announcing he would throw them away if he saw them in the break room.

Little did he know the County Commissioner owns a diner and a donut shop, as well, two prominent local attorneys owned the new Dunkin Donuts at the beach. After threatening to be sued, his bosses at the Florida Health Department told him he had the choice of being fired or resigning. He chose to resign.

So I guess they should have told him on hiring that he can educate the public about health, just don’t say anything bad about fast food or doughnuts in particular. Cause we got some donut lovin people round these parts!

And this is what is backwards about this country, someone in the Health Department getting forced to resign by trying to get people to cut back on sweets and eat healthier. There are over 10 billion donuts consumed by Americans each year and it is no secret that a diet high in processed foods like donuts can lead to diabetes, obesity and other health problems.

All I can say is – Wake Up America and thank you Dr. Newman for speaking out.

Fluoride in Water Supplies

Filed in General | Posted by Brenda Watson on 08/14/2009

[youtube YPlX8tVCnyY]

In this video blog I discuss fluoride in your drinking water. Did you know that fluoride was even in your drinking water? Why do water supplies have fluoride? Is it safe? Tune in and find out the answer to these questions and more…

Full Script:
Today I want to talk about water, more specifically what is in our drinking water.

There has been a lot of controversy about water fluoridation not only in the United States but in other countries as well. Opposition groups to water fluoridation have been around since it’s initiation in the 1940’s.

Some consider the fluoride put into our water supplies to be harmful when ingested long term. There have been valid concerns that the amount ingested is unregulated and can be a health risk, especially in young children and those with kidney disease, while the benefit of fluoridation has long been questioned.

The largest survey ever conducted in the US (over 39,000 children) by the National Institute of Dental Research showed little difference in tooth decay among children in fluoridated and non-fluoridated communities.

As well, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has now acknowledged that the mechanism of fluoride’s benefits are mainly TOPICAL not SYSTEMIC. Thus, you don’t have to swallow fluoride to protect teeth. Since swallowing fluoride is unnecessary, there is no reason to force people to drink fluoride in their water supply.

Many countries have discontinued water fluoridation. And as of July 2009 the European Court of Justice ruled that fluoridated water be regulated as a medicine. This means it can no longer be part of the normal water supply in the entire UK or Ireland, nor can it be in any water used to make food goods. This means not only in households but every wholesale and retail outlet in fluoridated areas of the UK and Ireland either have to cease production or install an alternative water supply.

This decision also bans all processed food products from countries such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand that uses fluoridated water in foods. This ruling must be enforced not only in European countries but must also apply to any country or external state that wishes to trade food products.

Toxic Substance Control Act

Filed in Cleansing & Detox | Posted by Brenda Watson on 08/11/2009

[youtube hBqS710AbsE]

In this video blog I discuss a recent article in the USA Today. The article, “Opposing Camps Agree on Rewriting Toxin Law” is based on the news that the American Chemistry Council and environmentalist groups agree that the current law governing toxins is “badly broken” and does not protect the public. What is the Toxic Substances Control Act? Is your family being exposed to dangerous chemicals? Tune in to find out the answer to these questions and more…

Full Script:
I read an article this morning in the USA Today entitled “Opposing Camps Agree on Rewriting Toxin Law”. This article was based on the news that the American Chemistry Council, which represents chemical manufacturers, and environmentalist groups such as the Environmental Working Group agree that the current law governing toxins is “badly broken” and does not protect the public as it should.

Both sides agreed that this law, called the Toxic Substances Control Act has not kept up with science and needs to be rewritten. It seems the EPA has used the law to ban or severely restrict only about 6 chemicals in the last 30 years.

Rewriting this law will give the EPA more money and power to ban dangerous substances. According to the American Chemistry Council’s president, “It is clear that many in the public, for a variety of reasons, do not have a lot of confidence in the current system and …that rewriting this law will help to restore confidence.”

At least it is nice that he realizes every day the general public is growing more and more concerned with the devastating effects of all the chemicals in our environment and in our bodies. How can you possibly have confidence in a system that continues to allow some of the most dangerous toxic substances to be forced upon us. In the past it has taken decades to get a toxic chemical out of the market.

Let’s hope this new law will be more stringent and help protect both our environment and our health.

Gut Bacteria at the Root of Colic?

Filed in Children, Digestive Health, General, Probiotics & Gut Flora, Supplements | Posted by Brenda Watson on 08/06/2009

Colic in babies is one of those conditions that the medical community cannot seem to figure out. Colic occurs in up to 28% of infants. Babies with colic cry for hours, unconsolable, sometimes every day. The cause of colic is unknown and the treatment of colic is uncertain. So many infants suffer from colic and parents are at a loss for how to deal with it. A colicky baby can be quite a handful for new parents who may not feel equipped or emotionally able to handle the situation, especially when doctors don’t provide many answers.

A new study from the University of Texas Health Science Center has found that babies with colic are more likely to have higher amounts of gut inflammation and a bacteria called Klebsiella in their intestines. They also found that the babies who did not have colic had a greater diversity of bacteria in their guts. The lead researcher also suggested that colic may prove to be a precursor to other conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease and other gut allergies.

This study is exciting because the next step, researchers say, is to investigate the use of a probiotic to control gut inflammation in these babies. Now they are on to something.

The establishment of healthy gut bacteria, in a vaginally born baby, begins at birth. It then continues during breastfeeding and through contact with the outside world. Many factors can inhibit this process leaving the infant with less-than-optimal gut flora. In many ways these beneficial bacteria act as a partial immune system for the infant. The importance of establishing a healthy and diverse bacterial population in those little guts is vitally important, as this study has pointed out. Renew Life’s Flora Baby was developed specifically for babies and toddlers. It contains five strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria and comes in a powder that can be mixed with liquid.

Learn the ABC’s of Probiotics.

Flame Retardants in our Food?!

Filed in General | Posted by Brenda Watson on 08/04/2009

It has been known for a while that humans (and even babies in the womb) have flame retardants in their blood due to environmental exposure. Flame retardants, or more specifically polybromated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) are used in carpeting and upholstery as well as in many household items. The main route of exposure was always thought to be from air and dust.

A new study supported partly by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has found that these chemicals may also come from the diet. Higher blood levels of PBDEs were associated with the consumption of fat from poultry and red meat. There was no association found for consumption of fat from fish or dairy products, however.

Though it was not determined how these flame retardants make their way into the food supply, some possibilities exist. Due to the nature of these chemicals to be stored in fat and to break down very slowly, animals could be contaminated from their environment, during meat processing, or even from contamination of animal feed.

Researchers mentioned that exposure of flame retardants may be shifting from indoors to outdoors now because these chemicals enter the waste stream, essentially building up over time. Indoor exposure still occurs, but this study illustrates the far reaching damage that chemical toxins can have as they pervade the environment. Where will it go from here?

Flame retardants have been shown to negatively affect the endocrine and nervous system as well as cause liver damage in animal studies. Human studies have shown them to affect male development, reproductive and thyroid hormones.

Toxins are everywhere. It’s virtually impossible to avoid all toxins this day and age. But there are measures that can be taken to decrease toxin exposure and help support the body’s detoxification processes. According to this study, eating fat from chicken and beef may lead to increased flame retardant exposure. Avoiding these meats would be wise, but if they are to be consumed, choosing lean cuts of meat and removing skin from chicken may be helpful.

An ounce of prevention is as true now as ever, and the benefits of total body cleansing twice a year is a great way to maintain your health. Cleansing supports the body’s seven channels of elimination, by which toxins leave the body, and ReNew Life’s advanced CleanseSMART total body cleanse can be a solid step on the road to good health. A cleansing program like ReNew Life’s Liver Detox specifically targets the natural detoxification that occurs in the liver, the body’s main “toxin filter,” and is also another great step.