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    • Heart Health

      The stats tell it all: The number one cause of death in the United States is heart disease. That’s right, more than any other disease – even cancer (a close second) – heart disease is the most likely to kill you. The United States is currently facing a “diabesity” epidemic, or a substantial increase in the prevalence of metabolic syndrome leading to diabetes and obesity, all serious risk factors for heart disease.

      According to the American Heart Association, every 34 seconds someone in the US dies of a heart attack. By the time you finish reading this paragraph, another person will have lost their life. Sadly, many people do not even know they have heart disease until they experience a heart attack. These facts alone make Heart Health a critical topic to understand.

  • Skin Health
    • Skin Health

      The gut-skin connection is very significant. Inflammatory processes present in the gut may manifest on the skin. Toxins are expelled with sweat, and can cause the skin to react. Like the inside of the digestive tract, the skin is covered in microbes which can be neutral, protective or pathogenic. Skin reaction may reflect what is going on inside the body. Therefore treating skin conditions only from the outside will often be ineffective and lead to other chronic issues.

  • Brain Health
    • Brain Health

      The gut-brain connection occurs in two directions—from the brain to the gut, and from the gut to the brain. When a person has a “gut feeling,” or an emotional upset causes a stomachache or loss of appetite, they experience examples of the first, most familiar direction. When the gut is out of balance, inflammation results leading to a condition commonly known as leaky gut. A leaky gut will allow undigested food particles and toxins to enter into the bloodstream. Some may cross into the brain, setting the stage for diseases like Alzheimers and dementia. Recognizing the underlying contributing factors that created the gut imbalance in the first place is the first step to achieving optimal brain function .

  • Diet & Health
    • Diet & Health

      Healthy pH levels, whether in the colon or systemic, are found when you eat a high-fiber diet, high in vegetables and fruits, healthy proteins, and healthy fats. Complement this with foods and supplements high in beneficial bacteria, omega-3 fatty acids, and digestive enzymes, and you will be supporting optimal health (which begins in the digestive system).

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      Our dog’s health is precious! They provide us with unconditional love and companionship. A daily probiotic formula is a great way to ensure good health. Make sure you choose one that delivers the recommended potency level and strain count. There is nothing quite like a healthy and happy dog. Happy Dog. Happy Life!

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About Brenda Watson


brenda_02Brenda Watson, Renowned Authority In The World Of Digestive Health

When it comes to poop, colons and digestive disorders, Brenda can give you the scoop!

For over 20 years, Brenda Watson has dedicated her career to helping people achieve vibrant, lasting vitality through improved digestive function. A dynamic digestive care advocate and celebrated PBS-TV health educator, she is among the foremost authorities in America on optimum nutrition and digestion, natural detoxification methods, and herbal internal cleansing.

Brenda has intensely studied many philosophies of natural healing with the premiere teachers of our time. She was inspired to establish natural wellness clinics in Florida specializing in cleansing and detoxification and is still inspired today in sharing her knowledge with a wider audience on Public Television. Over the last decade, Brenda has created 6 PBS shows that have empowered millions in their quest for a better way to lasting health and revolutionized the way Americans view the vital link between digestion and total-body wellness.

Brenda’s most recent book, The Skinny Gut Diet has already helped thousands achieve lasting weight loss while balancing their inner environment. The “Diva of Digestion's" knowledge is surpassed only by her enthusiasm and mission to help people through awareness and education. Brenda's high-energy, no-nonsense approach to simplifying natural digestive functions and clarifying their interrelationship with the rest of the body has made her one of today's most popular health experts.

"Changing my diet changed my life. I want to get digestive problems out in the open so people can get help. Most Americans are literally dying from embarrassment because they are too embarrassed to discuss what’s going on in the bathroom with their doctor. "

- Brenda Watson



Suzanne Somers

excerpt from Sexy Forever: How To Fight Fat After Forty

“I admire Brenda Watson — she is a one-woman crusade for gut health. She is the author of many books, including some of my favorites: The H.O.P.E. Formula, The Detox Strategy, and The Fiber35 Diet. She is one of the foremost authorities in the country on internal cleansing and detoxification. Because of her expertise in digestive health, people flock to her lectures all over the world.”

About Dr. William Davis - brendawatson.com

Dr. William Davis

MD, author of New York Times Bestseller Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

"Brenda Watson has proven prescient time and time again, educating us with her insights into bowel health years before it was fashionable. Brenda continues to be a major force in the world of bowel flora and probiotics, digestion and pancreatic enzymes, and other issues crucial to ideal gastrointestinal health, articulated in easily grasped terms in her several excellent books."


“A few years ago I was suffering from severe fatigue. I was just tired all the time, and no matter what I did, it just kept getting worse. I went to several different doctors and had so many tests done—bloodwork, CAT scans, X-rays—you name it, I had it done. Eventually I was referred to an infectious disease doctor, but after another round of testing, even he said there was nothing wrong with me and he just told me to go home and rest!! It was so frustrating, and that's when I finally turned to Brenda who told me "Katie, it's all in your gut" and it was...and she changed my life! One of the first things she did was a comprehensive stool analysis (yes, that means a poop test!), and with her help I discovered that all my health problems were starting in my gut. So after balancing my system with the help of pharmaceuticals, natural supplements, and cutting things out of my diet like refined sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten, I now feel amazing. Thank you, Brenda!”  Watch Katie's Story”


"A few weeks ago, I listened to your talk on PBS ( I have been using your supplement for years!) and then went on your website. And somewhere you mentioned gluten sensitivity and celiac disease and a test that could be done to detect it. At the time I was feeling so sick with headaches,VERY foggy mind, aches and pains, diarrhea and I felt there was inflammation everywhere in my body. I contacted Entero Lab (they are great!) did the test and I am positive. I changed my diet and I feel great! Thank you so much.”

Sue Weaver

Sherman, Texas

“Dear Brenda, I saw your program on PBS, Dallas a few years ago. I started getting 35 grams of fiber and in two years, I have lost 20 pounds-really without even trying. I am 68 years old and weigh 125 pounds now and the Doctor I have, said I am the perfect weight for my height and frame. I guess one of the biggest benefits is that I am no longer constipated - like I was all of my life. I worked at dieting with different programs but nothing worked before the fiber diet. I poop and toot more but at my age, who cares? I am healthy and my skin is very young looking. Thank you for your journey!”



2016 Hall of Legends

Each year at Natural Products Expo West, New Hope Network honors the industry's greatest contributors in its Hall of Legends ceremony. Legends are individuals at the center of stories about change—influencers who change the way we do what we do with enduring impact. Brenda’s inductions took place Friday, March 11, in Anaheim along with 12 other honored individuals who have devoted significant portions of their lives making this industry what it is today. Inductees represented various parts of the industry, ranging from natural retail to beauty to farming.



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