Catch a Sneak Preview of My New PBS Show this Saturday

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Exciting news! If you live in the DC/Baltimore area, be sure to tune in to your local PBS station this Saturday, September 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. for an exclusive one-day-only sneak preview of my NEW PBS special The Road to Perfect Health.

A lot of folks don’t realize that a healthy body begins with a healthy gut. That’s because your digestive tract is where more than 70 percent of your body’s natural defenses are found, and it’s where trillions of bacteria live in a delicate balance to help you absorb nutrients, defend against toxins, and fight off illness and disease—not to mention help with bowel regularity!

But what may surprise you is that even things you wouldn’t normally associate with digestive health—everything from anxiety, joint aches and food sensitivities to fibromyalgia and even high cholesterol—they can all start in the gut. That’s how important it is to keep your digestive system running smoothly.

Join me this weekend to learn the secret to balancing your gut and healing your body, beginning with the power of probiotics. Those are the beneficial bacteria in your intestines that help with healthy digestion and immune function, and they are the key to a strong GPS, or what I like to call your Gut Protection System. From there, I’ll give you the keys to rebuilding your health from the inside out and finally living the life you’ve always wanted. See you there!

The Road to Perfect Health will also air nationwide beginning in late November through mid-December and continue periodically in 2011 and beyond. Stay tuned to and I’ll keep you posted!


  • Carrie

    Super informative info!

  • Sally Willilams

    Can you recommend a probiotic brand–e.g., Align? My colon was removed 10 years ago and I’m wondering if my “gut” health is causing my extreme fatique. Would like to try probiotics after seeing your PBS show, but they’re expensive and would love your input. Thanks so much.

  • Ms.Franki Papa

    I am a USANA Associate, if you do not know about USANA, please go to the website to view the information on all of their Products to include their Digestive Products & Probiotics of which I’ve learned recently does not have the following: 15 Billion Min of Bacteria Per Serving, Guaranteed through the time of Expiration not Manufacturing, Ours has 2 Strains of Bacteria but it should have at least 10 Strains according to you/your information. As for the 4th item, ours is Delayed Released so that it Dissolves in the GI Tract not the Stomach. Now I am a bit confused because I am or was convinced of the Outstanding Quality of all the USANA Vitamins/Supplements to include their Digestive Products because of their rating compared to many others in the market. Plus USANA Vitamins/Supplements are in the PDR (Pysicians Desk Reference Book) of which is not easy to get into. I find myself now questioning the Quality of USANA as a whole because of what my sister-in-law learned when she recently watched your program on PBS of which I will be watching in the next few days when it is aired again.

    Please know that the initial reason for my USANA involvement was because of my own personal Digestive Health Issues that I’e had for the last 24+yrs & the additional several other Health Issues that I’ve had for the last 4+yrs. I would truly appreciate any information that you can give me at this point & time.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.

    Ms. Franki Papa

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