Celiac Disease

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In this video blog I discuss Celiac Disease. In a recent study performed by the Mayo Clinic they found that celiac disease is more common today than it was 50 years ago? What is celiac disease? Why is it more common today than 50 years ago. Tune and in find out…

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I recently read an article about the incidence of celiac disease today compared to the 1950’s. According to findings of a Mayo Clinic study celiac disease is over four times more common today than it was 50 years ago. It now affects about one in one hundred people.

For those of you who do not know – Celiac disease is when the presence of a protein called gluten from grains such as wheat, barley or rye triggers an immune system attack upon the small intestine. This can cause severe damage and result in long term health problems.

A Dr. Murray of the Mayo Clinic study stated “Something has changed in our environment to make it much more common. ….we don’t know why”

Is it really that hard to figure out? How about correlating it with the huge increase in processed carbohydrates people eat today compared to the 1950’s. Wheat gluten is a major, if not the worst, food irritant to the digestive system. It is an ingredient in a huge number of products on the market, not just bread, as some may think. If a product contains wheat, it contains gluten.

I challenge you to take a look in your cupboards for this ingredient or how many food items you have that contain wheat. Look at the packaging label on the products your about to purchase. Those already on a wheat and gluten free diet know how tricky it is to find gluten free products. Luckily, most health food stores have an entire section dedicated to just these type of foods.

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  • Mary V.Lewis “Cricket”

    I was deathly sick w/celiac disease at age 2, family
    lived in small town, that had NO idea what was wrong
    w/me. I was so near death and in my senior yr, I did
    almost die, I was skin and bones all my life(can’t say
    the same now,Ha),w/a bloated stomache. After graduating my parents took me to a lg. hosp.in a nearby city, one bowel specimen showed I had celiac, the damage after all those yrs. are something else. I
    am very strict on my diet, but sometimes you run into
    something. I am 71 now, in Dec/09 had a near fatal heart attack and just a few wks ago had to go back to
    the hosp. for angioplasty, all arteries were plugged
    again. They have me on plavix and some other meds. I
    suppected one of them was bothering me as I am so o oo
    bloated and diahrea and feel miserable again, SO BLOATED, so this pm I started investigating online and found out plavix has gluten in it. I know my heart drs won’t listen to me, I can tell they just absolutely ignore it when I mention it, so I know they won’t believe me. I know I have to take plavix, I
    do not want to die, but there has to be something else
    I can suggest to them. Now I feel like a celiac patient once again. I also get so tired of dr’s acting
    like I’m crazy or imagining things. If it is not their
    field, forget it. I accidentaly ran across your site
    tonight, do you have any solutions for me. Thank you
    so much. I go by Cricket, you can call me that.

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