Your GPS—What Went Wrong?

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I like to call the proper balance of gut bacteria your “GPS”—your Gut Protection System. Your GPS works to: protect your intestinal lining; “crowd out” and neutralize the harmful bacteria; and influence the immune system so that it responds in the proper way to harmful invaders like bacteria, toxins, and even undigested food particles.

Your GPS might not be properly balanced—and you may not even know it. Sure, some people experience obvious digestive symptoms like gas and bloating, or heartburn, but some people don’t exhibit digestive symptoms, yet still have a gut imbalance. A malfunctioning GPS can have far-reaching health consequences. For example, many mood disorders, like depression and anxiety, are closely linked to gut health. Rheumatoid arthritis—how much further from the gut could you get?—is also known to be associated with gut imbalances. The list goes on and on. Read about it in my new book, The Road to Perfect Health, available exclusively through my PBS special of the same title. (Check your local PBS listings for show times.)

So, how does your GPS malfunction? Well, there are a number of ways. I’ll highlight some here:

Exposure to chemicals

  • Certain medications (like antibiotics and acid-suppressing medications)
  • Over processed and refined foods (I call them Dead Foods)
  • Low stomach acid

In today’s world, it can be hard to avoid some of these triggers. That’s why it’s best to balance your gut with beneficial probiotic bacteria to get your GPS up and running. As I say: Balance your gut, heal your body.


  • Merle Alferes

    I was able to see part of your show on PBS on Sunday 3/13/11 So interesting. I ordered what I could afford but I have been battleing the GPS syndrome for over a year since I had diverticulosis and now I have acid refulx to where it hurts when I swallow. I have been taking acid-ease and aloe vera juice as medications make me sick. These are not working either. I did not take them yesterday as I wanted to see what would happen. Woke up several times last night with reflus and had to take Mylanta it hurt so bad. I have been taking your Probiotic for 6 month the 80billion and went down to the 50 yesterday as it was on sale. This does not seem to help either so what do you adivise I am desperate!
    Thank you

  • Elizabeth Grove

    Hi Brenda,
    I gave learned so much from watching your PBS special on 3/13/11 as well! It came at a time when I truly needed to learn about probiotics and the digestive system playing a key role in health. I have received nutritional testing and learned ( without a surprise) that I have a suppressed immune system. I am 32 yrs old and have been fighting digestive issues, yeast infections and UTI’s, allergies, and colds for years and have been given antibiodics galore. At one point I was on them almost every month!! Luckily, now I am more informed. My nutritionist tried to detox me with about 20 pills a day of herbs and I had terrible rashes, breakouts, headaches, dizziness, and itchiness. I could hardly function. I quit this regimen since it was too much for my body. Could this have been a Candida die off? Now I suffer from painful eczema( always had clear skin) and am allergic to almost anything I put on my face. I cut out all white flour, caffeine, and alcohol. I TAKE YOUR 50 BILLION PROBIOTIC, omega 3 fish oil, flax seed oil, D3-5000, a B complex, Astragalus, Echinacea, Acai,grape fruit seed abstract, ALA, and a multivitamin, and water all day long. Would your detox systems be the right way to go coupled with more of a raw food diet? I am so frustrated and uncomfortable, and lost hope in conventional western medicine. Any suggestions would give me much hope for a happier, healthier new life. Tnanks “A BILLION!!”

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