wheat belly cookbookSeptember is proving to be an exciting month for new book releases, including the newest book by renowned cardiologist Dr. William Davis—just released today! It’s called Wheat Belly Total Health (The Ultimate Grain-Free Health and Weight Loss Life Plan), and I highly recommend adding it to your reading list.

Dr. Davis and I agree that a diet filled with grains and wheat is behind the epidemic of chronic health problems and obesity we see so often today. His first book, Wheat Belly, sparked a nationwide movement and has helped millions take back control of their health and their weight through the benefits of living a grain-free lifestyle.

Now, with Wheat Belly Total Health, Dr. Davis builds on his previous message, providing new information about the different types of grains we may encounter and why “no grain is a good grain” when it comes to optimal health. He talks about how to make the transition to a life without grains; how your body (including your digestive system) may react; and how to successfully balance your nutrition once you eliminate grains from your diet. This includes taking probiotics to help the body recover from “Post-Traumatic Grain Gut Syndrome,” as Dr. Davis calls it, and he names ReNew Life probiotic supplements among the “best probiotics” on the market because of their high potency and multibillion CFU range.

But I think what I found most amazing about Wheat Belly Total Health were the personal stories and photographs of people just like you who experienced complete health and weight loss transformations without the need for medication or surgery—and who now have more energy and feel better than they ever have before.

Whether you have already made the transition to grain-free living or you are ready to take the first step, this book has all the information you need. It explores the science behind how grains affect everything from weight gain and metabolism to sleep patterns, mood and cardiovascular health. It even includes a handful of new recipes (homemade yogurt and kefir made easy!), plus shopping tips and advice for keeping track of hidden grains as you embrace your new lifestyle.

Like I said: a must-read!