My weekly “Renew You” Challenge – When it comes to being healthy, your emotions play a pretty big part. What do I mean? Well, think about how your emotions can affect digestion. Do you sometimes lose your appetite when you’re upset? Or get an upset stomach when you’re stressed or angry? Emotional upheaval is a pretty powerful force, and it can actually shut down the digestive system. And if you’ve learned anything from me, it’s that the foundation of a healthy body is a healthy gut!

On that note, your emotions have a lot do with the relationships in your life. Oftentimes relationships can spark emotions, both good and bad. Positive relationships can have a wonderful effect on our health and our well being, but not everyone knows how to relate well to others. Now, I’m not an expert on people or relationships, but I do like to think holistically, which means I like to look at the whole picture—and relationships are part of that picture. 

So what’s your challenge this week? Well, it has to do with relationships and emotions, and it’s really pretty simple when you think about it: be curious about the other person. What do I mean? Well, do you ever find yourself thinking about how you are going to respond to someone while that person is talking to you?  A lot of times we talk in circles because of this, and that can start to take its toll on our emotional and physical health.

So the next time you have a conversation with someone, be curious. See what happens and how it makes you feel, then get in the habit of it of paying more attention and see how it affects your health. Now that makes me curious!