The results of a recent study come from an accidental discovery in a previous study that analyzed organic pollutant levels in cat food. Trace amounts of chlorinated paraffins were found in the cat food and traced back to a hand blender that was used to mix the food. As a result, the researchers decided to study hand blenders in a formal study of its own.

Published in a Swedish medical journal, the study determined that out of twelve tested hand blenders, eight of them leaked chlorinated paraffins when used according to the instructions. Five of them emitted levels that were high in the opinion of the researchers. The eight brands that leaked the chemicals, in order of increasing contamination, are: OBH Nordica Kitchen, Russel Hobbs, Coline, OBH Nordica Kitchen Quickmix, Electrolux Ultramix Pro, Matsui, Braun Multiquick3, and Voltage. The brands with the least amount of leaked paraffins, in order of increasing amounts, are: Bosch, OBH NOrdica Chili, Philips Promix, and OBH Nordica Indigo. Full study details are here.

Chlorinated paraffins affect liver, kidney, and thyroid function, and are a possible carcinogen. They are used in the metal and plastic industries.

“People can be exposed to harmful substances by ingestion of food that has been mixed, which is serious, especially if it affects small children,” noted Ake Bergman, one of the researchers.

This study highlights the simple fact that we are exposed to so many toxins throughout the day, most of which we are unaware of, and almost all of which we do not know of the long-term safety effects. Our health is on the line, and yet the regulations surrounding chemical safety testing remain stuck in the mid-20th century.