I came across an interesting article recently in the Journal of Gastroenterology.  The title caught my eye – “Gut Microbes: From Bugs to Drugs”.  I have to share with you a few comments from this article. 

Now, this is a mainstream gastroenterology journal.  The article covers some ideas about how probiotics, or pharmabiotics (the term they use that includes probiotic microorganisns, both alive and dead, components of these organisms and break-down products, or metabolites, of these organisms) may be useful for the pharmaceutical industry . 

Well, duh!  I see the mainstream medical community having these “aha! moments” all the time, but it’s always about things that the natural health community has known for years, heck, decades! 

But, it does bring awareness to more people about the importance of natural health.  I just cringe to think how Big Pharma might manipulate good medicine in the name of money, though. 

Here are some good quotes from the article:

“In addition, “big-pharma” now struggles with the realization that the era of the blockbuster, one-size-fits-all drug may be eclipsed by a more personalized approach to therapeutics.”

“Furthermore, large fortunes have been expended by the pharmaceutical industry developing synthetic drugs; yet, many of the most versatile and useful drugs have been derived from living material in the wider environment.”

“Perhaps the inner world of the gut microbiota may offer a new frontier, a more natural and accessible opportunity for novel drug discovery.”

“The future of drug discovery in gastroenterology is likely to reside in the lumen [inside the GI tract]!”

 Interesting read.