The Great Beet Cover-Up

Today I’d like to share a truly remarkable immune boosting drink that includes two of my favorite, and somewhat unlikely companion ingredients, beets and basil. For some reason many people…

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Fall for Ugly Veggies!

I’d like to think that farmers are smiling across America (and hopefully receiving a bit more profit from their labor intensive work!) A new craze I read about in the…

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Soul Food

Here on our farm at Vital Planet black-eyed peas abound - perfect makings for my family soul food recipes! We are grateful that they are a flourishing part of our…

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Gardening Naked?

Gardening naked. I have to be honest, it never occurred to me. Just the idea of bug bites where you normally would never get them defeats my enthusiasm.  I can…

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Produce Easy Produce Anywhere

Today is a day for inspiration! I’m happy to share some really uplifting and heart-opening information with you about great things happening in the world of gardening and fresh produce.…

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