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When Prevention Magazine is touting it, you know people are listening—cell phone radiation is hazardous to our health. The National Institutes of Health has reported that cell phone radiation increases the amount of glucose in the area of the head closest to the phone.

Researchers haven’t confirmed just what this might mean to our health, but to be safe, they recommend using the speaker phone feature or a hands-free device (just not Bluetooth, which still releases some electromagnetic radiation) when talking on the phone. Maybe even more important, they recommend that children text instead of talk when possible because children absorb the radiation at a higher rate due to their thinner skulls.

We’re so glued to our phones these days, but they haven’t been around long enough to really tell us what damage we might be doing to our brains. So this week, take note of how much you talk on your cell phone, and see what you can do to minimize it, use the speaker phone, or wait until you get to a land line. Your brain will thank you one day.