We’ve known since we introduced Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity at ReNew Life that it was an awesome triple threat when fighting seasonal health issues. Now the whole world knows. EpiCor, a key ingredient in Ultimate Florida Advanced Immunity, has just been awarded the 2010 Scientific Excellence Award at the SupplySide Conference in Las Vegas. SupplySide is the largest event in the world for healthy, natural and innovative ingredients.

EpiCor Immunogen has been proven in multiple scientific studies to help boost resistance to seasonal health issues, support optimum respiratory health, and help the immune system cope with stress. Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity is a combination of three proven natural ingredients, namely a powerful probiotic, EpiCor, and the potent antioxidant ResistAid™. Together, they help promote a balanced immune system, which in turn boosts the body’s defenses during cold, flu and allergy seasons.

EpiCor won this wonderful recognition due to several published studies that showcased its effectiveness when fighting colds, flu and allergies. In Studies published by the Journal of Alternative Medicine, Urologic Nursing, and Advances in Therapy, it has been shown to reduce symptoms after they appear, as well as help reduce the number and duration of each incidence.

So stock up on the Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity before cold, flu or allergy season starts –and maybe a little chicken soup. You could very well go through the season sniffle-free!