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In this video blog I discuss a recent study published in the journal “Pediatrics” that suggest a very odd way to help children that have eczema. What do they suggest? What are some other options? Tune in and find out…

Full Script:

Can you imagine putting your infant or young child into a bath of bleach water with the raw skin associated with eczema? Well that is exactly what a study published in the journal Pediatrics is suggesting. The bleach, being an antibacterial will help eliminate bacteria on the skin as a result of so much scratching.

Julie Block, of the National Eczema Association says this type of suggestion “will help people learn options that they can do at home to empower themselves”.

Sounds more like a punishment to me.

How about all the studies out there now showing that probiotic supplements can greatly reduce eczema in children. Or how about getting your child tested for food allergies and sensitivities, which play a huge role in the development of eczema.

If your worried about the bacteria try getting a natural anti-bacterial cream from your local health food store. I’m willing to bet it won’t contain bleach!

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