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In this video blog I discuss an article posted on Science Daily about herbicides that are used on corn. What are herbicides? Do herbicides pose a risk to your health? Tune in and find out the answers…

Full Script:
Yesterday I read an article posted on Science Daily website I found frightening and frankly downright stupid. The article was citing a recent study which found that the herbicides mesotrione and atrazine, when applied to sweet corn, increased the corn’s nutritional value.

Specifically, they stated that these herbicides increased the carotenoids called lutein and zea-zan-thin which are linked to health benefits.

How stupid do they really think we are? Should we now be making sure our corn has these herbicides on it? Obviously this study was funded by either the American Chemical Society or the biggest herbicide manufacturer Monsanto.

And what about the “benefits” of these herbicides? How about birth defects, ocular lesions, liver, kidney and heart damage! These herbicides are even more harmful to our children.

My response to this type of scientific reporting? “Give Me A Break!”

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