Show of hands: do you take enzymes with every meal? As important as they are for healthy digestion, many people are still missing out on the benefits of enzymes. Even if you take a daily probiotic, there may be times when you have occasional bloating or upset stomach after eating. For those moments, a digestive enzyme supplement may help provide relief.

You may not realize it, but enzymes work differently than probiotics. They support the digestive process by working to break down the foods we eat more completely. And, when it comes to choosing the most effective enzyme formula, there are three important rules to follow. What are they?

Watch this eye-opening video to find out!

[youtube h5k3QxkE5Cc]

The 3 Rules for Enzymes explains how to choose the right enzyme formula based on a handful of simple guidelines that are surprisingly easy to remember—including why you should always look at the total number and variety of enzymes, since different enzymes are need to digest different types of food. You will also learn the difference between enzymes and probiotics, and how they complement each other to help you digest your foods more completely and help balance your digestive tract. Be sure to check it out!