Sounds like common sense, right? Especially with all the healthy benefits Omega-3 fats bring to the table…literally!

Just recently after an extensive review of clinical trials involving heart disease and fat intake, researchers at Harvard University concluded that cutting back on unhealthy saturated fats in the diet and replacing them with healthier polyunsaturated fats like Omega-3s can reduce the risk of heart disease by 19 percent. That’s pretty big!

For a while now researchers have been looking at the benefits of lowering saturated fat intake in folks with known heart disease risk, but it seems that the discussion was missing a key point: what was replacing the saturated fats??  When it was polyunsaturated fats—like fish-derived Omega-3s and Omega-9 fats olive oil—heart disease risk was reduced, but when it was trans fats? Different story altogether.

So if steak is on the menu for dinner tonight, make it a grass-fed steak. Grass fed beef is naturally lower in saturated fat and higher in beneficial Omega-3s. And why not add a walk after dinner? Exercise also lowers the risk of heart disease, and it’s good for your whole body!