The other day I had the pleasure of joining my friend and colleague Jeffrey Burke, host of the Staying Healthy! radio show in Las Vegas, to talk about one of my favorite subjects: the connection between your gut and your health.

I know I sound like a broken record sometimes, but folks this is SO important. Your digestive tract is where the majority of your body’s natural defenses are found (we’re talking roughly 80% of your immune system!) so making sure you have a balanced gut is absolutely essential when it comes to being healthy and staying healthy.

Science has now linked nearly every major health problem out there today—things like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and even mood disorders—to what’s going on in your gut, so you really start to get an idea of just how important those trillions of bacteria are that are living in your gut, especially the good bacteria called probiotics.

In fact, I think the relationship between your gut and your health is so important that it’s the topic of my new PBS special and upcoming book, The Road to Perfect Health, which also explores the vital role of probiotics in maintaining optimal health, so be sure to tune in and read the book!