‘Renew You’ Challenge – Ever just get weighed down by life and feel… well, stuck? Maybe you’re not feeling right physically, or maybe you’ve been out of sorts emotionally or spiritually, or you could just have an everyday case of brain fog. The truth is, there are a lot of ways to feel stuck, but one of the best ways to feel un-stuck is to get moving—your bowels, that is!

When you’re constipated, not only do your insides feel sluggish, but it can affect other aspects of your life too, like whether or not you have the energy to exercise or go to work, and it can even lead to emotional “blockages” in relationships. The bottom line is that constipation can lead to a vicious cycle of stuck-ness, which is why maintaining good bowel function is so important to your overall health. 

This week, if you’re not having at least one good bowel movement per day (and sorry for getting a bit graphic here, but that means about one foot long or more), then you need to get things moving—and cleansing is the answer!

A comprehensive total-body cleanse can get things moving by helping to support the body’s 7 channels of elimination—those are the liver, lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, blood, and of course, the bowel! Look for a 2-part formula with herbs like cape aloe, rhubarb root, and slippery elm in the evening colon cleanse component. These are gentle laxative herbs that help to jumpstart a sluggish colon, and they aren’t purgative like cascara sagrada and senna, which should both be avoided.