Dogs are not called “man’s best friend” for no reason. Dogs are wonderful companions, I know. I have four dogs, myself. That’s why I developed a line of supplements for dogs with Dr. Joel Murphy. I know that dogs deal with many of the same issues we do as humans. One of these issues is toxin exposure. In fact, our pets (and children, for that matter) are particularly susceptible to toxin exposure due to their close proximity to the ground, where many toxins collect.

A recent study by researchers at Indiana University analyzed levels of flame retardants in blood from 17 dogs who live primarily indoors. Flame retardants are chemicals used on carpet, upholstery, furniture, electronics, and even children’s pajamas. They collect in house dust, and can be found in just about everyone. It turns out that the dogs in the study had levels of these toxic flame retardants that were five to 10 times higher than those found in humans.

Though these levels were not as high as those found in cats, there still may be some negative health effects we don’t even know yet. If you are concerned about your dog’s exposure to toxins, consider a detox supplement that helps to support the liver. Keep household dust to a minimum with a vacuum or sweeping. This may help reduce some exposure.