Did you know that you have more bacterial cells in your gut than you do the rest of the cells in your entire body? Did you know that the bacteria in your gut weigh four pounds (that’s as heavy as a brick)? Did you know that having the proper balance of gut bacteria—what I call your “GPS,” or Gut Protection System—can help get you on The Road to Perfect Health?

There are three types of gut bacteria: beneficial, neutral, and harmful. The major portion of bacteria in your gut should be the beneficial, or friendly, bacteria—otherwise known as probiotics. Probiotics are your Gut Protection System.

Your GPS works in three primary ways:

  • Protects the intestinal lining and improves the balance of good to bad bacteria in the gut by “crowding out” bad bacteria;
  • Produces substances that neutralize harmful bacteria;
  • Influences the immune system so that it responds appropriately to invaders, such as harmful organisms, toxins and even food.

If your GPS is malfunctioning, similar to the GPS in your car, you’re not going to get to your desired destination—that is, your perfect health. As I say: Balance your gut, heal your body. The health consequences of an imbalanced gut travel far. Every system of the body can be affected. When you have an underlying digestive imbalance, it can be difficult to resolve your health issues.

So get to the foundation of your health—optimum digestive health with a balanced gut. Then you’ll be on The Road to Perfect Health.