Our friends at Nutraceutix were just honored with the 2010 Technology Innovation of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan, a global research firm that recognizes best-in-class practices and achievements in many industries. They won for their patented LiveBac process, which when combined with Bio-tract® delivery system, helps ensure that Renew Life’s FloraSMART™ line of probiotics are delivered right to the intestines where they are most effective.

Why the standing ovation? Well, probiotics are only effective if they can withstand the harsh conditions in the stomach to be absorbed in the intestines. Once in the intestines, they can help replenish helpful bacteria as well as strengthen immunities and support overall digestive health. Bio-tract technology is an advanced delivery system that creates a protective natural gel around each probiotic caplet to protect it from gastric acid, thus delivering more active probiotic cultures to the intestines over an optimal time frame.

And that means better overall digestive health! After all, 70 percent of the body’s immune defenses reside in the intestines. If the probiotics can’t make it there, they can’t do much good. If delivered intact where they can work their magic in the intestines, they can lead to optimal digestion, bowel regularity, and overall well being.

Hats off to Nutraceutix for building a better way to manufacture and deliver probiotics. Renew Life and our millions of customers thank you daily!