There comes a point when even mainstream medicine—and the government—has to accept the fact that dietary supplements are helping many people prevent disease (even though they cannot be marketed for doing so). While health care costs in this country are skyrocketing and the rate of chronic disease is ever rising, the steady pace of the natural health movement is gaining momentum. And none too soon, given the health crisis we are up against.

Frost & Sullivan recently produced a report, commissioned by the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), in which they reviewed hundreds of scientific studies on eight dietary supplement regimens across four diseases to determine the disease risk reduction. They determined that dietary supplements may reduce the number of disease-associated medical events, which could save billions of dollars in health care costs for Americans.

“Chronic disease takes a huge toll on people’s quality of life, and the health care system spends a tremendous amount of money treating chronic disease, but has failed to focus on ways to reduce those costs through prevention,” stated Steve Mister, president of CRN. “We already knew that the dietary supplements identified in the report can play a role in reducing the risk of certain chronic diseases; we felt compelled to find out if they could also contribute to health care cost savings by reducing the medical events associated with those conditions.”

Even more good news, consumer confidence in supplements is high—85 percent of people surveyed (a national sample of 2,013 adults) are confident in supplements. Judy Blatman, senior vice president of CRN stated that these results may demonstrate “consumers’ understanding that the overwhelming majority of companies in this industry are dedicated to looking out for their customers, and manufacturing and marketing safe dietary supplement products that provide health benefits.”

What I know is that I was healed by supplements and a healthy diet, which is why I founded ReNew Life in the first place—I wanted to help others heal themselves as I had. Since then, I have received hundreds, if not thousands, of testimonials and personal accounts from people who also have healed themselves in a similar way.

While there are a few negligent companies in the industry that tend to give dietary supplements a bad name, the real story is that the majority of companies are helping many people live healthier lives. More reports such as these will certain surface as this story gets louder and mainstream medicine can no longer ignore it.