Want to stay healthy during the summer travel season?  Let me show you how to create your own wellness Holiday Travel Kit. See my tips (click here)

And for more specifics about the products I personally used, check out these links:

Must-have daily support

High quality sunscreen

Lip balm with sunscreen

Hand sanitizer

Chewing gum


Insect repellent

Roll-on healing serum

Aloe vera gel

Calendula gel

Homeopathic Rescue Remedy

First Aid – find these products at any local drugstore or most grocery stores:

Liquid Benedryl for Kids, Liquid Tylenol for kids, Benedryl for Adults, Thermometer, Small First Aid Kit with band-aids, antibiotic cream

Digestive Support – find these products at your local health food store:

Probiotic – multi-strain, high potency

Digestive enzyme – high potency

Natural laxative

Immune Support



Sleep Aid



Essential oil – lavender

Happy vacation! And don’t leave home without your own Holiday Travel Kit!