Renew You Challenge

Let’s start this week off right! 

Here is your newest weekly challenge (I mean opportunity!) to help set you off on the right foot and in the right direction for bringing health to your week. You could even add it to your calendar. Join us! 

Over 40 percent of a typical American’s budget is spent on eating out. And it’s not good for us. Generally, eating out is associated with bad food choices and poor health. A recent review of scientific literature, published in the FASEB Journal, has revealed numerous benefits of eating frequent family meals at home, especially when it comes to children’s health. And the more the better: The more a family eats together, the less likely children are to consume foods thought to be harmful to their health—and the lower their body mass index (BMI).

What’s more, when you eat at home you are in control of your food. You know exactly what goes into it. This can be particularly helpful if you have any food sensitivities and are trying to avoid certain foods, like gluten or dairy. Cooking your own meals can be easier than sifting through the many (often hidden) ingredients found in menu items at your local restaurant.

This week, if you don’t already, plan to cook more meals at home. If you have older children, set aside a few nights a week for Family Dinner Night. Make it a time to reconnect with your family—and your food. In our increasingly disconnected world, this seems an important goal.