Health Links Wednesday – We’re always being told to do things like watch our weight, take care of our heart, and even protect our skin—but what about taking care of that part of our bodies where more than 70 percent of our natural immune defenses are?

That’s right—the gut is like the body’s good health powerhouse, so doesn’t it deserve a little extra love? I say yes! And to help you get started, here are a few tips for digestive health from The Foundation for Digestive Health and Nutrition:

  • Eat plenty of foods rich in fiber (at least 35 grams a day!)
  • Consume fish at least 3-5 times weekly
  • Don’t rush while eating (that means slow down and chew your food)
  • Maintain a healthy body weight

This site is right up my alley—talk about some great information! There’s even a quiz that helps you determine your level of “digestive distress,” and a section about the benefits of Omega-3s and probiotics, so be sure to check it out!