Kid-safe Lunches, Peace of Mind for Parents

There are so many helpful resources out there! Yesterday on the Poop Scoop radio show, we discussed how important nutrition is for a child’s development. Fresh fruits, veggies, whole-grain breads and natural peanut butter—you do everything you can to make sure your kids are eating healthy lunches, but what about what you’re packing those lunches in?

Plastic lunch boxes and food containers can release harmful chemicals through off-gassing*, so it’s a good idea to avoid them whenever possible. But as any busy parent knows, it’s hard to do when those little containers are so darn convenient! The solution? ECOLunchbox.

The company makes everything from cloth lunch bags to stainless steel food containers, so you can feel good knowing your kids are getting all the good stuff without the risk of harmful toxins. And the best part? The products are great for grown-ups too! 

*Off-gassing: The process by which toxic chemicals are released into the air through evaporation.

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