Every one of us needs to be more aware of how dangerous pesticides can be. There are many different types of pesticides that affect the human body in many different ways, all with negative health results.

Some pesticides have an effect on our nervous system, some are carcinogens (cancer-causing), some irritate the skin and respiratory system, and most all are endocrine disruptors. What does that mean? Endocrine disruptors act just like our natural hormones in our endocrine systems, only with really bad results—sort of like our hormones’ evil twins. They get in there deceptively and cause havoc and disrupt the normal functioning of our own hormones.

Health effects attributed to endocrine-disrupting compounds include a range of reproductive problems such as reduced fertility; male and female reproductive abnormalities; skewed male/female sex hormones; miscarriages; menstrual problems; changes in hormone levels; early puberty; brain and behavior problems; impaired immune function; and even various types of cancer.

As children are especially susceptible to the toxic effect of pesticides, it can be pretty scary stuff—and I don’t scare easily! Pesticides are one of the most dangerous chemicals you and your family can be exposed to. With a shopping list of serious health effects, including even a link to suicidal thoughts, it’s time to get pesticides out of your home and yard, and the sooner the better!