For this week’s Renew You Challenge, I wanted to challenge you to put your knowledge to work for you. Health tips abound in today’s world. In magazines, newspapers, on the Internet, and on TV—we are faced with ‘low fat,’ ‘low calories,’ exercise and dieting ads and advice, usually on a daily basis. Some of us even take up the subject like an eager student, learning as much we can about the many ways to boost health and vitality.

Though we’re armed with health knowledge—even if it’s the basics—many of us often don’t put that knowledge to good use. Sure, we know eating too much sugar wreaks havoc on the body. No, we didn’t eat enough fiber today. Exercise can always be done tomorrow… It’s vicious cycle.

And yet, we find that these bad foods and habits slip into our lives almost unknowingly. That is, we try not to pay too much attention to them so that maybe we won’t even notice. I am not saying we need to be perfect. By all means, if you need to cheat for your own sanity—I advise it! But do it with the whole picture in mind.

This week, notice if what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, and how you care for your health, are all in accordance with what you know is best for you. Are there some things that you can do without? Are there other practices that you might like to do more? With what you already know, what changes can you make to bring about a healthier you?