Skinny Gut, Vibrant You - DVD


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Skinny Gut, Vibrant You – DVD


Did you know you may be only partly responsible for whether or not you gain or lose weight?

Skinny Gut Vibrant You PBS Show explores the little-known link between a healthy gut and permanent weight loss—and it has everything to do with the 100 trillion bacteria in your digestive tract. Studies show that a balanced digestive tract (meaning the right amount of good bacteria vs. harmful bacteria) stimulates weight loss by enabling your body to absorb fewer calories from food, experience fewer cravings, and store less fat.

The premise is simple: curtail sugar consumption (and learn to spot its surprising sources) and eat more healthy fats, living foods, and protein to balance the bacteria in your digestive tract. The result? Lasting weight loss—plus the side benefits of better digestion, a stronger immune system, and even a better mood!

With Skinny Gut Vibrant You you will be introduced to an easy-to-follow eating plan that will help you achieve and maintain digestive balance and lasting weight loss. This is Brenda Watson’s most recent PBS show. Limited Supply

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