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In this video blog I discuss the use of proton pump inhibitors. A recent study has found why people stay on these drugs for long term use instead of the 6-8 week suggested use. They call it “acid rebound phenomenon”? What is acid rebound phenomenon? What does it to your body? What can you do naturally to help with heartburn? Turn in and find out the answer to these questions and more…

Full Script:
For some time now I have been speaking up about the continued use of the medications prescribed for acid reflux. These medications, called proton pump inhibitors are one of the most commonly prescribed pharmaceuticals on the market. I have many times said that the problem with these meds is that people stay on them long term when if fact they are only meant for a period of six to eight weeks.

Recently results of a study may have revealed the reason why people remain on these drugs long term, something I had suspected for some time now. It seems that these proton pump inhibitors cause what is called an acid rebound phenomenon in the two to three weeks after discontinuing. What this means is when people try to get off the medications they get an increase in gastric acid secretion well above normal which leads to symptoms such as heartburn, acid regurgitation and dyspepsia. This increase in symptoms then results in a resumption of therapy with the medication.

In other words, these meds cause a vicious cycle of acid secretion and heartburn symptoms. This occurred not only in those having symptoms to begin with, but those participants of the study that had no prior history of upper gastric disorders. Interestingly most people who are put on these medications do not need their acid levels turned off, but instead need a good digestive enzyme supplement containing hydrochloric acid ( HCI ). It is much more common to have a low stomach acid level, which mirrors the symptoms of too much acid, such as heartburn and reflux.

If only the Heidelberg Acid test was more readily available around the country, one could truly know if they are producing too much acid in the stomach or in fact have too little. This test involves swallowing a capsule that relays information back to a computer on the amount of acidity within the stomach. Until the time this test is available in your area, try taking a digestive enzyme with HCI (hydrochloric acid) like the Renew Life’s Heartburn Prevention formula. You might be able to avoid the vicious cycle of masking acid reflux symptoms with medication only to experience worse symptoms after discontinuing them.

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