Notable News – I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to red meat, but  believe me, it’s really bad for you. On top of being loaded with saturated fat, studies confirm that red meat increases your risk of developing lung cancer and colorectal cancer, and now it’s being blamed for yet another health problem – prostate cancer.  I know, you were probably bought up on steaks, burgers, hotdogs and  bologna sandwiches – good all-American diet – but it’s time to rethink red meat.

Guys, listen up! Eating red meat (in addition to processed meats, which are loaded with cancer-causing nitrates) has been associated with a 9 percent increase in prostate cancer, and a 28 percent increase in advanced prostate cancer. That’s pretty scary stuff if you ask me!

Not to mention, cooking red meat to the point of charring it (you know, like when you see those black grill marks on your steak?) adds dangerous carcinogens called HCAs (short for heterocyclic amines). Makes me want to reach for that glass of red wine – at least there’s some healthy proanthocyanadins there!

Need any more reasons to avoid red meat? I don’t think so!