I regularly blog about the brain benefits of fish oil because the science behind them is so extensive and I want to pass the knowledge on to others. When you have the knowledge to heal your body, you become your own health advocate, and you realize how much power you have to change your health.

In yet another study highlighting the brain power of fish oil, published in the journal Alzheimer’s and Dementia, researchers found that people who regularly take fish oil supplements were least likely to suffer from mild cognitive impairment or Alzheimer’s disease when compared to those people who did not take fish oil. The only exception was in people with the genetic variant known as APOE4, which is known to increase risk of Alzheimer’s.

The researchers analyzed data from 819 people with cognitive function ranging from normal to Alzheimer’s. Those people who regularly took fish oil supplements (and who did not have the APOE4 gene) had better cognitive function and less brain shrinkage in two areas of the brain critical to memory and thinking when compared to people who did not take fish oil.

“These findings may suggest a potential role for fish oil supplements by reducing neurodegeneration [brain damage] over time,” noted the researchers.

When looking for a fish oil supplement, you want to look for the following features:

High potency: You want to know how much omega-3 is in each capsule, not how much fish oil. Look for a softgel that contains at least 1,000 mg omega-3 per softgel.

Purity: Look for the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards) seal to be sure that your fish oil exceeds published international standards for the lowest levels of toxins.

Freshness: Look for fish oil in dark-colored glass bottles and softgels to protect the oils from light and moisture. In addition, look for added lipase, which helps with digestion of the oils.

Enteric coating: Look for enteric coated fish oil softgels that deliver omega-3s directly to the intestines where they are absorbed.