Every Friday for six weeks I am sharing with you a recipe from my new book, The Skinny Gut Diet. If you have tried it all, but you still can’t lose weight, then this book is for you. You are not entirely to blame for your extra pounds. As it turns out, the bacteria in your gut play a major role in whether or not you will lose weight—and keep it off—for good.


For a refreshing and healthy boost, this green juice will be sure to invigorate your detoxification pathways. I recommend this drink at any time, any day (every day would be great!). Pair it with a high-protein snack and look out world! You’ll be ready to tackle any task. This green juice has only 2.9 teaspoons of sugar (that includes sugar that breaks down from starchy carbohydrates), as calculated using my sugar tracker calculation:

teaspoon tracker


2.9 teaspoons of sugar
10 minutes to prepare and cook
Serves 1

⅓ small cucumber
2 ribs celery
1 cup trimmed kale
1 cup baby spinach
3 sprigs parsley
Juice from 1 lemon wedge
¼ Granny Smith apple

Place ingredients in Ninja or Vitamix blender and blend until smooth. Enjoy.