Renew You Challenge

Let’s start this week off right!

Here is your newest weekly challenge (I mean opportunity!) to help set you off on the right foot and in the right direction for bringing health to your week. You could even add it to your calendar. Join us! 

The health consequences that arise from a lack of sleep are becoming more and more apparent as studies investigate the importance of sleep on human health. A recent study presented at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Boston found that regularly sleeping less than six hours a night increases the risk of stroke in people of normal weight who have no other risk factors for stroke. This is alarming.

Even if you have normal cholesterol levels, normal blood pressure, are normal weight, and you don’t smoke, if you get six or less hours of sleep per night, you’re at increased risk. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of sleep. The body regenerates during sleep—we need this regeneration!

About 30 percent of people get six hours of sleep or less. Experts recommend seven to nine hours. This week, if you are one of the 30 percent, find a way to increase your sleep. Go to bed a bit earlier than usual. Assess your nighttime routine. If you find that you stay up late to watch a TV show or surf the Internet, perhaps you might consider the consequences. If you have trouble sleeping, try to create a relaxing bedtime ritual that helps induce sleep and try to make your room completely dark to induce the natural circadian rhythm.