“Renew You” Challenge – Ever try to give someone a little nudge in the right direction regarding their dietary habits? Chances your helpful advice wasn’t received very well. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that people can get pretty defensive if they feel like they’re being criticized, but sometimes just changing the way we say things can make a big difference—especially if what you’re suggesting has brought positive results in your own situation.

So how can you tell people about the natural diet and lifestyle tips that have helped you live healthier without seeming like a pushy know-it-all? Here are a couple simple tips:

  • Share your own experience. If they see how something worked for you, friends and family members may be more likely to listen and follow your advice.
  • Try not to use the word “should,” as in “You should exercise more.” or “You shouldn’t eat that anymore.” Because really, who likes to be told what to do? Not me!
  • Meet the person where they are at. You may have to start slowly and earn your listener’s trust, taking into consideration their current habits and offering up information that they can use easily. 
  • Offer resources. This is so important! Point them to a good book or even a helpful blog (hint, hint), and let them decide to take those important first steps all on their own.

 So have a great day everyone, and here’s to living healthier!