Stress-free Holiday Season Tips!

Stress-free Holiday Season Tips!

It’s a wonderful thing when holiday-time is the happiest time of the year! However, few of us navigate through the months of November and December without confronting at least a few challenges. For years I’ve blogged often on holiday stress and the various forms it can take to undermine happiness. This year I’d like to offer a compilation of stress-free holiday season tips. My sincere intention is for you to enjoy this year’s festivities more than ever before. Pick and choose the areas where you might recognize your own stumbling blocks. You’ll find tips for both you and your four-legged favorite companion.

Stress-free holiday season tips designed to preserve your happiest self!

Celebration = food and drink excess~

Do you tend to indulge in foods and drinks that don’t support your physical or emotional health? Don’t lose control over the holidays! Click here!

Digestive challenges~

Avoid miserable indigestion and a potential trip to the emergency room. Follow these easy tips.

Stress-free holiday season tips! - Gift giving

Gifting headaches~

Has gift-giving become a huge emotional and financial obstacle as your family has grown? There are simple ways to manage gift-buying expectations with just a bit of communication and forethought.

Relationship obstacles~

Are you dreading possible interactions with friends and family around the dinner table? Check out a few easy and practical ideas to maintain peaceful relationships at holiday gatherings.

Emotional trials~

Do the “holiday blues” threaten your Christmas season? Forget tradition this year and consider these thoughts that have the power to make this holiday your best ever!  

Seasonal stress for Fido~

The holidays can be perilous and stressful for your beloved pets too. Therefore, avoid potential issues by following these timely suggestions.

And always remember that laughter is one of the very best stress-relievers! Ho, ho, ho!

What do all stressful reactions have in common?

All of the stressors I’ve mentioned above share one physical manifestation. Continued stress of any type, physical, mental or emotional, will result in an out-of-balance microbiome (the name given to your personal neighborhood of microbes).

Understanding that a balanced, healthy, diversified microbiome is critical for a stable gut-brain connection gives you additional resources to manage all aspects of your health. A strong community of good bacteria and other microbes (probiotics) along with healthy digestive functions will support our ability to manage the stress in our lives and keep the bad bacteria in check as well!

Probiotics to the rescue!

Thousands of scientific studies over time have impacted respected medical institutions like Harvard Medical and Johns Hopkins. These mainstream medical institutions are now talking about the importance of a healthy gut. They recognize the role of the microbiome is not just centered around digestion. It also plays an important role in modulating your moods and emotions.

Stress-free holiday season tip – add probiotics to your daily routine!

A particularly interesting recent study explores in part, the relationship between supplementing with probiotics and improved sleep quality.  I’ve blogged often on the importance of adequate rest. Sleep and mood are intimately connected. Likewise, it was suggested that the improved sleep patterns associated with daily probiotic supplementation could improve a person’s ability to deal with problems. A more rested and clear-minded individual tends to be less sensitive to negative situations, reducing the need to deal with them at all. Now that’s stress reduction!

Probiotics for dogs reduce stress too!

These stress-reducing effects are not limited to humans. Ragen T.S. McGowan, Ph.D. of Nestlé Purina Research, presented some cutting-edge information on potential new treatments for canine anxiety at the 2016 Nestlé Purina Companion Animal Nutrition Summit. Her team’s research focused on the probiotic strain, Bifidobacterium longum. It was reported that from both a behavioral and psychological standpoint supplementing with B. longum clearly reduced anxiety symptoms in anxious dogs.

I hope you found these stress-free holiday season tips helpful toward making this a truly joyful season!

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