Exercise for IBS

Renew You Challenge Let’s start this week off right! Weekly challenge (I mean, opportunity!) to help set you off on the right foot and in the right direction for bringing…

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My New PBS Show is a Must-See!

The day after Thanksgiving, my new PBS television special, The Road to Perfect Health, started airing nationwide and the response has been incredible. It was such a long but rewarding…

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What’s Going on in Your Gut? Two Essential Tests Can Help You Find Out

Doing what I do, I have a lot of folks come to me with problems like heartburn, constipation, gas and bloating—things that make you think right off the bat, “That’s a digestive issue.” But what about problems like fatigue or weight gain? Even allergies, joint pain or skin problems? What a lot of people don’t realize is that all of these things are connected, and they all come back to your gut.I have a new book coming out called The Road to Perfect Health, and in it I talk about the vast numbers of bacteria in your body, especially in your digestive tract (which is where roughly 80 percent of your natural defenses are found). And when a healthy digestive balance is upset because of things like poor diet, stress or other factors, the result can be not only poor digestion, but a total breakdown in health.

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