Hi Everybody! If you saw my post on Facebook, you know how upset I am about an article I saw in USA Today called “Three Squares a Day is so Yesterday – 24/7 snacking becomes new normal” http://usat.ly/skx6vW. That’s not even the scary part!

As my eyes made their way down the article, my stomach started to turn! Just when I had the crazy thought that there was a small dent being made in people’s health consciousness, I read about a “typical” style of college student’s eating habits. In summary, early = a muffin, tater tots, glass of milk, then midday bowl of rice, later – McDonald’s for cookies, fries and OJ, and finishing his day after 11pm with pizza, and maybe some more rice. Carbs, sugar, carbs, sugar, GLUTEN! – not even one remotely green or fibrous mouthful was mentioned! Is it any wonder that our population is overrun with diabetes and cardiovascular issues?

And what really burns me is how the big food companies “innovate” with more sugar, fat and white flour (and toxic chemicals), making even more poisonous products that pander to every recognized whim of kids and adults who seem committed to the destruction of their health and well-being. French toast drizzled with maple icing, Ritz crackers filled with cheese, and very soon, peanut butter, and Red Velvet Pancake Puppies, with cream cheese icing, white chocolate chips and powdered sugar – and the quote from the corporate executive is “People will buy it all day.”

I understand a corporation’s hunger for profit, but one wonders how far down the river they are willing to sell their souls. Can they really not realize the unnecessary misery and suffering they are creating with each mouthful of poison they package and sell? The VP of Dunkin Brands (Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins) “laments” – “I don’t think my kids have eaten a real meal since last Thanksgiving.” You don’t have to be psychic to see into the future health of that gentleman’s family.

I wouldn’t wish the interminable suffering and pain I’ve witnessed in my practice on anyone, and yet I get so frustrated when I read about “trends” and “habits” marketed to our citizens by corporations that seem to run on greed, and profit through the consumer’s ignorance.  

So the old tried and true adage still fits – “Buyer Beware!”. Wake up America!! Health and happiness begins in your gut – and your gut has to deal with what you put in your mouth!