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Flame retardants are just about everywhere. They are especially concentrated in the home due to their presence on such items as upholstery, carpets, bedding, electronics and clothing, like children’s pajamas. 

Say what? Yes, they put these horrible chemicals on children’s pajamas. Luckily, you might be able to check the tags to be sure you are buying pajamas that do not contain these toxins. The tight-fitting pajamas are allowed to be sold without flame retardants, thankfully.

Many other baby items may be covered with the chemicals—car seats, changing pads, portable cribs, nursing pillows, the list goes on. A recent article in USA today reported on a study that found flame retardants in 80 percent of baby products tested. Children already have the highest levels of these chemicals in their bodies because they are always crawling around on the floor (where the chemicals settle in dust).  

Products containing fire retardants are not required to be labeled, but you can look for companies that choose to not use flame retardants. The article listed four brands claiming their products meet safety standards without chemical flame retardants—BabyLuxe Organic, Baby Bjorn, Orbit Baby and Boppy.  If you can, choosing products without these toxins is best, though at this point, we can’t avoid them all.