The other day I read about a recent study that really got me thinking…about toxins. True, I probably think about toxins more than the average person, but this was interesting—especially since when most folks think about environmental toxins, they imagine giant factories polluting the air in big cities. But this study really proves that no matter where you live, dangerous contaminants are probably tagging along!

After analyzing more than 40 homes in California, some of which were in low-income industrial areas and some in higher-income coastal areas, scientists found “similarly high levels” of a particularly hazardous type of toxin called an endocrine disruptor. EDCs include things like phthalates and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) that act like hormones in the body and can have damaging effects on healthy reproduction and growth in humans. They are also used in many commercial pesticides and even cosmetic products.

What’s more, after testing indoor/outdoor air samples and indoor dust samples for the presence of over 100 different compounds (70 of which were known EDCs), researchers also found also that the number of EDCs was higher indoors than it was outside the homes in both areas. Yikes! Freeloading toxins!

Still, the really interesting part is that the scientists were “surprised” to find high levels of EDCs present in all the homes they tested…but not me! In fact, this just proves what I’ve been saying all along—that our modern world has become more and more toxic in the last few decades, and whether you live in a big city or in the middle of the desert, we can no longer ignore the truth: toxins are everywhere.

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