Watch Me Today on the Dr. Oz Show!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be on the Dr. Oz show today discussing the importance of the trillions of bacteria that reside in your gut and how the composition of those bacteria determines whether or not you will gain weight. That’s right—your extra pounds are not entirely your fault. If you have been on the diet roller coaster for years yet you still struggle to keep the weight off, this show is for you.

Dr. Oz and I discuss the two main groups of bacteria in your gut—what I call the “Fat bacteria” and the “Be Skinny bacteria.” When your level of “Fat bacteria” increase and your “Be Skinny bacteria” go down, you are more likely to gain weight. The good news is you can reverse that balance and achieve your ideal weight. In my new book, The Skinny Gut Diet, I give you four simple rules that will help you balance your gut for permanent weight loss.

My Skinny Gut Diet will help you get a daily fiber flush that feeds the good “Be Skinny bacteria” in your gut while starving the bad “Fat bacteria.” But that’s not all—by eating at least 35 grams of fiber each day, you will eliminate 245 calories from your diet on a daily basis.

Dr. Oz and I will discuss why you should be eating more of what I call living foods—those foods that contain good bacteria (like fermented foods) and those foods that feed the good bacteria in your gut (prebiotic fibers that are found in foods like onions, leeks, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, and in soluble fiber supplements like acacia fiber).

Check your local listings for viewing times, or go to the Dr. Oz website to find out what time the show airs in your region.

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