Heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux—we’ve all felt that awful burning sensation at one time or another, but chances are we blamed it on something we ate and reached for the nearest antacid. Why? Because for years mainstream doctors have been telling us that symptoms like these are the result of too much stomach acid—when in fact 90 percent of the time they’re wrong! And when was the last time your doctor actually tested you to be sure? Probably never!

Tomorrow on the Poop Scoop I’ll be talking with CEO Harry Simmons of Heidelberg Medical, whose work with the Heidelberg pH Diagnostic System has revolutionized the way we look at digestive disorders. Imagine a capsule you can swallow that will travel through your digestive tract and help doctors actually see where the problem is coming from! Today, pH diagnostic testing has become essential to the successful treatment of many digestive disorders, including low stomach acid, gastric ulcers and GERD. I can’t wait to hear all about it from the expert!

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