Do you ever find yourself talking about your pets like they’re people? I know I do—and if you’re a pet person or you know someone who is, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Our four-legged companions bring so much joy to our lives that we just couldn’t imagine life without them, which is why on tomorrow’s Poop Scoop I’ll be talking with my friend and personal veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy about how to help our pets stay healthy, happy and full of energy.

Dr. Murphy is a nationally known holistic veterinarian whose passion for animal well being has created a whole new standard in veterinary care. In addition to his advanced training in dog and cat diseases, he’s also the founder of The Animal and Bird Medical Center right here in Florida! Join me and Dr. Murphy as we talk about the benefits of combining both conventional and natural veterinary medicine, and how the right diet and holistic therapies like herbs and flower essences can improve the health and emotional well being of pets of all ages.  

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