Many of you have probably heard about the over-the-counter weight loss drug Alli.  It is a less potent version of orlistat, which is a pharmaceutical drug used for weight loss.  The way that it works is that it binds to a fat enzyme in the digestive tract, so that about one quarter of fat from the diet is not digested.  It just passes through the digestive tract.

Leaving fat undigested in the intestines can lead to a host of digestive problems.  In fact, side effects of Alli include oily and loose stools, fecal incontinence, frequent or urgent bowel movements or flatulence.  What this does to the balance of microflora in the digestive tract is not healthy.  Fat is not meant to pass through undigested.

That is only the beginning.  Recently, the FDA began an investigation of the hepatotoxicity of Alli.  Apparently, Alli (and its pharmaceutical counterpart) may cause liver damage.  So not only does it wreak havoc in the intestines, but it may be getting absorbed and moving into the liver, causing further damage there.

Sure, the idea of taking a pill and eating all the fat we want is certainly attractive.  But the big picture cannot be overlooked here, folks.  Weight management is a commitment.  It is a lifestyle change.  It is not a pill.  And it certainly should not be risky.

If you are tired of yo-yo dieting and taking diet pills that produce more side effects than weight loss, why not make a change?  The Fiber35 Diet was designed to be an easy way for people to lose weight based on the amount of fiber that they eat every day.  Check out the Fiber35diet website ( for more info on this great plan.

And if you’re looking to jump start your diet, Diet Start Cleanse can help you on your way.  It is a two-part non-stimulant cleanse designed to help boost fat metabolism, while also providing a colon cleanse to support healthy bowel function.

So take charge of your weight loss and choose a plan that makes sense, without all the risks!