Why Did I Write The Skinny Gut Diet? Watch this Video to Find Out!

Since I announced the launch of my new book The Skinny Gut Diet last week, many of you have already told me you are loving the difference a Skinny Gut makes. Exciting news! By eating the right foods for a balanced gut, you are one step closer to losing weight and keeping it off for good.

Since the book was released one of the questions I have been asked most often is “Why did you write The Skinny Gut Diet?” and of course I love sharing the answer. In fact, I made a video about the journey from inspiration to print.

Click here  to watch my video:

Why Did You Write the Skinny Gut Diet?

I have always been passionate about digestive care, and to me this book symbolizes the next step in a lifelong journey to help millions of people live healthier every day. Thank you for sharing that journey with me—and be sure to join the Skinny Gut Diet online community to interact with other Skinny Gut dieters and hear their stories.

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