Health Links Wednesday

Just How Much Do I Need? I’m always telling folks how important it is to eat their fruits and veggies. Not only are they a great source of nutrients, but they’re also loaded with fiber, which is important for good digestion and keeping your bowel movements regular – and remember that good digestion equals a healthier body!

If you’re not sure how many fruits and vegetables you need to eat to meet your daily requirements, relax – it’s easy! The CDC has a website that lets you calculate exactly how much you need (in cups) based on your age, sex and activity level – just type it in and voila! It does the work for you! even gives examples of 1-cup servings of different fruits and veggies so you don’t have to get out the measuring cups, and they have hundreds of delicious recipes (complete with nutrition facts) based on the fruits or vegetables you want to use – how easy is that??

Oh, and just because you meet your requirements doesn’t mean you have to stop there – If you can eat more, go for it!!!

Now I know if we were talking about chocolate you’d be more excited, but hey, your body needs this, so check it out!