Ninety percent of American adults have a cell phone, 29 percent of which describe their cell phone as “something they can’t imagine living without.” If you are one of these 90 percent, you likely know the convenience your phone offers you. This convenience may come at a price, however. In a recent study published in the journal Environment International, researchers investigated the potential effects of cell phone radiation on fertility using almost 1,500 sperm samples.

Those sperm samples exposed to cell phone radiation experienced an 8 percent decrease in normal movement and viability when compared to samples that had not been exposed.

“Given the enormous scale of mobile phone use around the world, the potential role of this environmental exposure needs to be clarified. This study strongly suggests that being exposed to radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation from carrying mobiles in trouser pockets negatively affects sperm quality. This could be particularly important for men already on the borderline of fertility,” noted Fiona Matthews, PhD, lead researcher.

Men, you will want to take that cell phone out of your pocket and reconsider wearing it on your belt or in close proximity to your reproductive organs. Instead, carry a back pack or briefcase and keep the phone inside. For more tips on how to avoid cell phone radiation (which affects more than fertility), read this.