It’s been fifteen years now since Stan and I founded ReNew Life, our digestive care supplement company. From the start, struggling on the road and working out of the trunk of my car, my mission has been to help people achieve optimal health. My greatest joy comes from realizing that the products we manufacture have helped millions of people regain and maintain good health. Of this, I am proud and grateful.

Now another dream of mine is being realized. The Renew H.O.P.E. Foundation! Renew H.O.P.E. is on a mission to make natural and integrative health care options available and affordable for those in need.

Topping the list of health crises in our country today is affordable health care. Insurance benefits are increasingly limited, especially with regard to alternative treatments—that is, if we have coverage at all. And the life-changing benefits of proper nutrition and natural health modalities are at the forefront of reported research on a daily basis, however the programs themselves can be costly.

Renew H.O.P.E (Health, Options, Prevention, and Education) is committed to HOPE for a healthier future. We have several helpful programs in place so far:

  • The H.O.P.E. To Health program provides the opportunity to re-establish digestive health through dietary means and nutritional support. This program empowers its members with the tools and supplements they need to turn their health challenges around and share this information with others.
  • The Nutrition for Hire program is an affiliation of natural health care practitioners and professionals dedicated to educating communities and transforming community members’ health through lectures, consultations, and events.
  • The On Your Way program works one-on-one with qualified individuals to get them the integrative health care and education they need. This program offers financial assistance and expert referrals to the alternative health care practitioners best suited to them.

Please visit us on the web at and consider if you or anyone you know may be able to benefit from one of our programs.

As a non-profit organization, Renew H.O.P.E. depends on donations to keep offering assistance. Find out how you can donate and get involved with us! We’ve even formed a kickoff indiegogo campaign – please check it out hereAny donation amount can make a huge difference in someone’s health. As we know, good health adds up, one small step at a time!