Here is your newest weekly challenge (I mean, opportunity!) to help set you off on the right foot and in the right direction for bringing health to your week. You could even add it to your calendar. Join us!

With the new release of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans comes the recommendation to eat more fish. This is not surprising, as it reflects the recommendations by the American Heart Association. Americans consume about 3 ½ ounces of seafood each week, but are encouraged to more than double that to 8 ounces.

Why the recommendation? Because research shows it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Fish is rich in nutrients, especially omega-3 fatty acids thought to be the main contributor to heart health. Just how much fish to consume has been debated due to the presence of toxins—especially methyl mercury—in certain fish. However, the dietary guidelines say the health benefits of eating a variety of seafood outweigh the risks associated with methyl mercury.

Any more than two servings of fish per week (and it depends on the fish—some are much higher in mercury than others), and you’re better off with a fish oil supplement that has been purified to meet purity standards set by International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS). IFOS standards meet or exceed world standards for purity, potency and freshness of fish oil.

This week, try to eat at least two servings of fish high in omega-3s, like salmon, sardines, anchovies, herring or light canned tuna (not albacore). Can’t stand to eat that much fish, or want to get even more heart healthy omega-3s? Look for a fish oil that is tested by IFOS. Look for the IFOS seal on the box.