Omega-3s in space?? How cool! As if the health benefits of Omega-3 essential fatty acids weren’t impressive enough, now scientists are looking into the possible bone-building properties of Omega-3s for astronauts.

Because of the weightlessness astronauts endure, bone loss occurs when they spend long periods of time in space. But, researchers found that astronauts who ate the most fish suffered less bone loss during long-term flights, which led to subsequent studies looking specifically at Omega-3 fats—an important component in fish oil.

Sure enough, scientists found that fish-derived Omega-3s support healthy bones and helped prevent the weightlessness-related bone loss experienced by astronauts. Just one more reason to get your daily Omega-3s!

Since the Standard American Diet (SAD) is extremely lacking in beneficial Omega-3 fats, I recommend taking a quality Omega oil supplement daily for optimal health. Because of their abundant health benefits—including heart health, brain and eye health, better digestion, healthier skin and joints, and more—most experts recommend between 1,000mg and 4,000mg of Omega-3s every day.